Analysis Services

This is the core of services we provide to our customers. From fundamental analysis of major news releases and economic reports on a daily and weekly basis, to daily analysis of main currency pairs, commodities and stock indices and from sentiment analysis to long-term candlestick patterns, we want to let you know that almost no aspect of market analysis is left behind in our Analysis Services.

Daily Technical Analysis

This is our ultimate analysis service. Every day between 6 AM to 7 AM (GMT time), you will receive, based on what package you choose, a comprehensive coverage of:
  • 28 currency pairs
  • Precious metals (Gold and Silver)
  • 2 Major stock indices (S&P 500, Nikkei) and Oil
In our DTA reports, Nima merges classic, Elliott Wave and Harmonic Patterns analysis approaches to provide you with a through and yet precise technical viewpoint of the markets we cover. You will find that in DTA reports, there is rarely a chance of our targets and invalidation points getting changed from a given day to the next. The quality of these reports are enhanced when a visible and viable candlestick pattern forms in the daily time frame which is in line with the Western-style analysis provided. Most of the times, the analyses included in DTA reports are conducted in the 4-hour timeframe unless specified otherwise.

Daily Fundamental Analysis

As a service to short-term traders (mostly day traders), we analyze the course of news and data published during the last trading session and then provide our opinion about the possible effect these reports might have on various currencies or other financial markets in our ‘Daily Fundamental Analysis’.
Our DFA reports are published every morning before London session opens.

Weekly Candlestick Analysis

Candlestick patterns can reveal a great deal of information about the underlying psychological state of market players and are particularly useful when analyzed on the weekly timeframe. Since the most serious and professional traders consider the weekly timeframe as their main time window and because we have definite ‘Open’ and ‘Close’ prices for the trading week – unlike lower timeframes – monitoring the developing candlestick patterns on this timeframe is of great value to anyone interested in market analysis.
Every Sunday our WCA report is published and we encourage our subscribers to blend it with our ‘COT Report Analysis’ which also focuses on the sentiment analysis.

Weekly Fundamental Analysis

Every weekend, we analyze the most important news and reports on G-8 economies published on the previous week. The evens we focus on mostly includes:
  • Central Bank statements
  • PMI reports
  • Employment data
  • Trade balance figures
  • Inflation reports
  • Retail sales statistics
In our reports, we also provide our subscribers with clues as to what look for in the scheduled fundamental releases to be published the next week and what implications for markets they would have if a material deviation from the forecasts happens.
WFA reports are published every Saturday.

COT Report Analysis

Commodity Futures Trading Commission releases its weekly ‘Commitment Of Traders’ or COT report every Friday evening. Upon receiving the report, the data is fed into our custom-built analyzing programs and after a through sentiment analysis, we come to conclusions regarding the important moves the large speculator group have made with their positioning in various markets we scan and their practical trading implications which we share with you in our CRA reports.