Based on our technical and fundamental analyses, we provide trading signals on medium and short term basis.


Our medium term or ‘Swing Trading Signals’ are based mostly on analyses conducted to provide our DTA package which are blended with fundamental and inter-market analyses. On occasions we might provide Swing Trading Signals based solely on fundamental analysis or inter-market analysis. Since Swing Trading Signals are based on analyses conducted on 4-hour time frame, you should expect a few days as your time horizon for reaching take profit, or stop loss, levels.


Our short term or ‘Day Trading Signals’ are based on analyzing lower time frames such as 1-hour and 30-minute time frames and we usually blend daily candlestick analysis and momentum following principles to come up with these signals. The probable effects of daily economic calendar is also taken into account in selecting financial instruments suitable for day trading. After analyzing the probable daily trends with the above mentioned factors, we use classic support and resistance levels coupled with channeling techniques to provide you with the best possible entry and exit levels.


For each of these two types of trading signals, we might provide ‘By Market’ or ‘Pending’ orders. If pending orders are advised and especially for ‘Limit’ orders, we specify an ‘Entry Zone’ – rather than a fixed level – to ensure filling of our orders. Trading signals encompassing pending orders are published at 6:00 AM to 6:30 AM (GMT time) and trading signals encompassing market orders are published whenever our special signal team deem the market conditions fit for providing trading signals.


Regarding risk management, we suggest selecting volume for each signal based on 1% equity risk for Swing Trading Signals and 0.25% equity risk for Day Trading Signals.