Based on years of rich experience in teaching and tutoring in the fields of technical and fundamental analysis, we have designed a special and unique series of educational courses and workshops to expand and enrich our customers’ knowledge and expertise on various aspects of investing and trading in the financial markets. All of these products are in the form of online webinars so you can take part in our classrooms anywhere in the world, needing only a good internet connection.

Online Course

In our online courses, we cover almost every bit of knowledge and expertise an aspiring trader needs to possess in order to become a professional trader in the global financial markets. The range of these online courses are vast and diverse; from long-term exam-based training courses like ‘CFTe Examination Preparation Course’ to short-term, more specific educational products such as ‘Elliott Wave Practical Course’ and ‘Harmonic Trading Method Course’. We take the trainer-trainee interaction seriously and offer Q&A sessions to make sure every piece of information is thoroughly understood by our customers.


In our workshops, we provide concise and yet applicable educational content which can be immediately put to work in your trading endeavors. These workshops usually take no more than 4 hours and ends with a Q&A session.


After years of interacting with hundreds of trainees, a wealth of knowledge has been accumulated for us as tutors which can’t be structured into specific educational courses. We provide these kinds of insights in the form of articles in our website and are sure that our subscribers will find them as informative as it can get.