Our Philosophy

What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.”

– Ecclesiastes 1:9


“What was scattered gathers, what was gathered blows away.”

– Heraclitus


We are ardent fans of the idea of cyclicality of everything human. From cultural fads to business and therefore economic cycles; almost all aspects of human life are subject to alternating periods of rise and expansion and then times of decline and contraction. The financial markets are, of course, not excluded from these universal and never-ending cycles of boom and bust. Uptrends and downtrends are caused by imbalances in demand and supply and when the prices go too far away from the fulcrum or equilibrium point and the imbalance reaches extreme levels, trends are reversed and this process repeats over and over again.

In these majestic cycles of boom and bust in financial markets, it is our goal at “Cyclical Waves Group” to identify turning points in the financial markets in the early stages for our clients and let them ride on the prevailing trend until the weight of evidence suggests that the current cyclical wave or trend is nearing its end; as the well-known analyst and writer ‘Martin J. Pring’ puts it. In order to do so, we have merged all the prevailing and popular market analysis approaches; fundamental, technical and sentiment and have created numerous analytical and trading service packages and gadgets which all have passed their tests and have proved their efficacy and efficiency. Our subscribers will enjoy a vast and comprehensive analytical coverage of almost all major financial markets – with an emphasis on currency markets – and will be alarmed when the markets are about to end retracements and continue the current dominant waves and also when they are beginning to end their current trends and starting to reverse. And for those of our clients who, being sure of the professional quality of our team, want to profit from the pinpoint accuracy of our analyses in identifying optimum entry points in financial markets, we offer them money management services wherein utmost and strict risk management practices will ensure a smooth and logically upward-tilted equity curve over time.

All in all, rest assured that you will get services that are worth much more that what you pay for in order to become a subscriber.