Trading Tools

Today’s complicated nature of the financial markets necessitates embracing a flexible approach towards analyzing and trading. With ‘High Frequency Trading’ enjoying much popularity among both retail and institutional traders, being equipped with efficient and effective mechanized trading tools is of vital importance towards surviving and prospering in modern financial markets. In order to provide our customers with the best and highest quality automated analytical and trading gadgets, we are developing new and intuitive indicators, scripts and experts on a regular basis and offer them for free or at a great discount. In this section, you will find a vast array of codes written by our adept programmer – Amin Taherzadeh – to meet your analyzing and trading tools; from devices designed to find optimum entry points to some decent tools dealing with risk management.

Daily Trading Templates

Based on our ‘Daily Technical Analysis’ report, each morning between 7 AM to 8 AM (GMT time) we prepare and publish trading templates for our subscribers in which we specify all of the important technical levels that were referred to in our DTA report on the 4-hour timeframe chart of each related instrument plus important support and resistance zones for 1-hour timeframe. Possessing our ‘Daily Trading Templates’, our subscribers can see how we discern market structure and likely path and act upon it accordingly.
For your convenience in loading our templates, we provide you with a handy indicator that upon running will load all of the templates into your MT4 screen in a few seconds.

Divergence Monitor Screen

Every trend – whether impulsive or corrective – has a lifespan and is reversed when the imbalance of demand and supply skews towards the other side. Among the best tools that issue warnings way ahead of actual reversals – or at least retracements – are various forms of divergences. In our ‘Divergence Monitor Screen’ service, we provide you with a screen which demonstrates 3 types of divergences – Time Divergence or TD, Regular Divergence or RD and Hidden Divergence or HD – for 28 currency pairs plus Gold, Silver and Oil in 4 different timeframes of H4, H1, M15 and M5.
Equipped with our DMS, you will be in an excellent position to know which pairs are prone to end their current trends – either impulsive or corrective – and start a new move in the opposite direction.

NHNL Screen

Each day’s High and Low points have technical importance as benchmarks for breakout trading tactics and for pattern confirmation signals. Many trading gurus, like “Robert Miner”, consider taking out the previous day’s High or Low point as a trigger for taking positions in line with their pre-set analysis and trading plan. In our ‘NHNL Screen’, you can see which currencies have broken their previous day High or Low levels and are, supposedly, well-positioned to continue their upward or downward moves.

Trends Screen Scanner

If you are a momentum-following trader, this indicator is a must for you. With TSS, you can scan the trends for all major currency pairs plus Gold, Silver and Oil for 4 time-frames in no time and at a glance. According to rules of momentum-following approach, the best trading signals are issued when the trend is up or down for both the time frame you follow regularly and the immediate higher timeframe. This is where the momentum is indisputably strong and you have to jump into the train quickly. Another useful approach is applied when the lower timeframe’s trend is in disagreement with the trend of higher timeframe. In such a situation, the momentum-following trader should use a breakout entry tactic in the lower timeframe in anticipation of the pending convergence of the smaller trend with the larger one.