In our online courses, we cover almost every bit of knowledge and expertise an aspiring trader needs to possess in order to become a professional trader in the global financial markets. The range of these online courses are vast and diverse; from long-term exam-based training courses like ‘CFTe Examination Preparation Course’ to short-term, more specific educational products such as ‘Elliott Wave Practical Course’ and ‘Harmonic Trading Method Course’. We take the trainer-trainee interaction seriously and offer Q&A sessions to make sure every piece of information is thoroughly understood by our customers.

Daily Webinars

Each trading day before the London session kicks off, we analyze the fundamental and technical situation of the global financial markets based on the analytical packages of our website and after reviewing the economic calendar and taking into account the sentiment and positioning of the market players, we finally provide our view on the possible outcomes of the incoming economic reports and the technical path of the target symbols on live charts.

Weekly Webinars

In our Weekly Webinars, each Sunday night we review the past week trends in the global financial markets and then analyze the probable courses of these markets in the coming week with a special emphasis on our WFA, CRA and WCA packages.

Special Webinars

Before release of major and market-moving news and reports, we usually offer our Special Webinars. In these webinars our goal is to draw reliable and actionable trading scenarios based on various possible outcomes of the news and reports which can be acted upon by our subscribers in their trading decisions. Important reports and events such as NFP, Central Bank Statements and other market-moving news releases are among the items we cover in our Special Webinars.